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9 August 2012

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8 August 2012

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7 August 2012

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2 August 2012

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6 March 2012

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6 February 2012

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20 January 2012

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19 January 2012

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17 January 2012

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10 December 2011

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autumn in the park
9 December 2011

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naked nature
24 November 2011

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Empress in Portugal
14 November 2011

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27 August 2011

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still life
3 August 2011

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Portuguese specialties
22 January 2011

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3 October 2010

Recent Comments

Mojtaba on Beach Models
nice shot

Mojtaba on Beach Models
nice shot

Ezequiel Lacerda on Farturas-Donuts
Eu tive o prazer de trabalhar com este casal ( Dona Edite e Jorge Mestre )em portugal. Foram varias feiras de ciganos ...

Calusarus on Pesca
I like this series a lot

Calusarus on Pesca
Nice details

Calusarus on Pesca
Very nice tones

Basile Pesso on Pesca
Another good composition.

Basile Pesso on Pesca
Very interesting composition.

Curly on Algarve-Portugal
Corking great shot - wonderful.

Basile Pesso on Algarve-Portugal
Wonderful framing.

Calusarus on Jacó
Very nice : we even can see the feather details

Calusarus on Estoi
Very nice warm tones for this grid

Harry on path to the sea
Couldn't ask for a clearer "S" curve... I like how the up close fence dominates then nicely diminishes. ...

Soheil on path to the sea
Wonderful, a great shot.

ManuelaR on Photograph
Looks quite dangerous, but when you are photographing you can very fast forget the world around you ;o) You caught him ...

ManuelaR on path to the sea
Wonderful take making us wonder what is right around the corner... love it ;o)

tataray on Dog
Joli manteau douillet, un superbe chien)

Calusarus on Dog
A cute friend :-)

Calusarus on Benfica
A very interesting portrait

Soheil on Cacto
nice shot i like it

Calusarus on Cacto
i like the colors and the flowers shapes

Calusarus on Alvor
A nice seascape

Ana Lúcia on Alvor
É um bonito recanto de Portugal.

MEC on snowy owl
Excelente registo.

Pedro_eric on roebuck
Nicely captured well done.

Pedro_eric on owl
Nice capture.

mimicy on snowy owl
J'adore ... compliments pour ce beau portrait

Ralf Kesper on snowy owl
Well made owl portrait. Greetings to the Hogwardsmail :-)

Pedro_eric on snowy owl
Excellent capture.

Ehlehminee on snowy owl
Incredible capture! The Snowy Owl has to be one of my favorite animals because of their icy stare.

Pedro_eric on Lince
Great capture well done.

Calusarus on Boca do Inferno-Lisbon
What a wonderful spot !

DarkElf on Boca do Inferno-Lisbon
fantastic light, sharpness and detail captured here! impressive coastline!

violette on Boca do Inferno-Lisbon
Vertigineux !

Calusarus on Danaus plexippus
Very nice

Pedro_eric on Danaus plexippus
Excellent capture nice colours.

Calusarus on afrika
A great portrait

mimicy on Frangipani
Les fleurs sont ravissantes pour une photo merveilleuse ... compliments

Calusarus on Frangipani
Charming and delicate

Calusarus on Empress in Portugal
An impressive ship

Calusarus on Gabriel
I wonder what is his name…

Don Levesque on Gabriel
Great self portrait! Now everyone knows your name :-))

Olivier Paillet on Gabriel
But What is name ???? ;-)

Calusarus on My Picture
A very nice portrait. I like the metal circle behind…

Ralf Kesper on Castel of Almourol - Portugal
Beauti- and colorful. Very nice.

Ana Lúcia on mountain of Algarve
Texturas e cores fantásticas.

Ana Lúcia on Rettungsschirm - Hat of salvation
Excelente trabalho. Parece que o nosso país tenta salvar-se da confusão em que vai o Mundo.

bm on Glass
cool shot, great color!

حسن صنوبری on Glass
Very Good.

حسن صنوبری on Rettungsschirm - Hat of salvation
Good Shot. Nice Color.

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